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Law & Justice Degrees in Maryland

Guide to Maryland Law and Justice Degree Programs

Maryland can give many options for those looking to get a degree in law and justice. The state is one of the richest in the nation with a median household income of over $65,000. The economy is diverse and responds to economic downturns well. The main sector of the economy is the broad one of service industries. The state lies in the urban corridor of the Atlantic coast. It contains one of the largest cities of Baltimore, also the state’s capital. To the south and west is Washington, DC. In between, especially along Interstate 95, suburban areas have sprung up. Some of the fastest growing communities in the state lie along this corridor. In contrast, the western part of the state is rural and has a much lower density level.

Maryland is home to dozens of public and private institutions of higher learning. The options for getting a law and justice degree are almost staggering in this smaller sized state. The University of Maryland is a place to start, but don’t forget the community colleges around the state as well. Many offer degrees from associates all the way up to doctorate level. Those who get their degree can find options in just about any area of the state. What can the Old Line State do for your degree choices?

Maryland Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Law and justice provide a wide field of career options. Giving a comprehensive view for everyone in the state of Maryland is not an easy task. To focus the information, let’s look at working as a police officer. Various levels of government offer employment opportunities for law enforcement officers. Due to the proximity to Washington DC, more federal jobs may be open. State troopers, county sheriffs, and city officers fill out the ranks. All law enforcement officers provide protection for people and property. At higher ranks, many are involved with investigating crimes. The work can range from deep urban tracking to rural patrols.

In Maryland, the need for law enforcement officers is expected grow at less than the national average. According to the Maryland Career and Workforce Information, the need will grow by 9% in the next few years. Since the state is more densely populated, the number of opportunities will be healthy. On the wage scale, the starting salary can range from $38,000 to $42,000 annually. After a few years, an officer can expect to make around $53,000. Smaller communities will usually offer less than this however.

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