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Engineering Degrees in Massachusetts

Guide to Massachusetts Engineering Schools

Massachusetts supports a number of engineering colleges and educational programs for the students who come to the state. The majority of the population of this tiny state live in the greater Boston area, which is booming with jobs and educational opportunities for a variety of industries, including engineering. There are almost 100 different schools and programs for engineering students to consider, including the likes of Harvard, MIT, Boston College, and Dartmouth. With a number of technical schools in the state, Massachusetts can definitely be a great launching point for your higher education and engineering career.

There are also a variety of technical, vocational, and online programs that offer engineering education and degrees. These can be a good choice for people who need more flexibility or convenience than what a typical college education can offer, and allow everyone to pursue their career dreams when and where they want to. You can guarantee that a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering will get you on the track to a six-figure career success in no time at all. Of course, there are other areas of engineering to consider also, and you can seek further education to get better pay and more job opportunities.

Massachusetts Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Massachusetts has a very stable economy that is growing every single day. There is no limit to the variety of industries that will be hiring, expanding, and creating new jobs in the future within this state. The average wage for engineers in Massachusetts is over $94,000, which is much more than many other states can offer. Of course, the cost of living is significantly higher as well, but the opportunities are still plentiful. Massachusetts is also close to many other hot destinations for engineering careers, including New York and Connecticut.

Computer hardware engineers definitely take the cake when it comes to average salary in Massachusetts with earnings of nearly $110,000 annually. Electrical and aerospace engineers come next, bringing in $103,000 on average. Considering that the average for all engineering disciplines is almost $95,000, you can guarantee that even the ‘low paying’ engineering careers will still provide substantial income for any engineering professional. The state relies mainly on manufacturing for its economic strength, but engineering is becoming more and more important with each passing day. If you start your education now, you will have plenty of opportunities for high paying careers in engineering by the time that your education is completed.

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