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Human Resources Degrees in Massachusetts

The human resources discipline continues to grow as a dynamic, multifaceted field with a wide range of opportunities. If you are entertaining the idea of a career in the human resources discipline, consider enrolling in one of the many HR schools in Massachusetts. Training and education can be received through both campus-based and online human resources classes in Massachusetts. To step into the field, HR assistant positions are ideal for aspiring HR professionals with no relevant education or experience--assistant positions require only a high school diploma or its GED equivalent. In Massachusetts, HR assistants earned a mean annual income of $43,990 in May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Human resources specialists are thought of as mid-level careers, and specialists typically hold bachelor's-level HR degrees in Massachusetts. Specialists tend to work in a specific function of human resources, including HR administration, employee relations and organizational development. Employment, recruitment and placement specialists are typical mid-level roles, and these specialists earned a mean annual salary of $65,710 in May 2009, as published by the BLS. Management-level positions usually require more advanced human resources degrees in Massachusetts. The BLS reports that HR managers in the state made a mean annual salary of $121,660 in 2009. For lucrative, satisfying human resources careers, act now and commence training in HR schools in Massachusetts.

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