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Medical Claims Examiner

Your online resource for Medical Claims Examiner Education and Career Information. A medical claims examiner will have to have education that consists of insurance training and health industry laws and regulations. This job function consists of reviewing medical claims requests and determining whether payments are being rightfully requested, if they are deserved, and identifying cases of medical insurance fraud. The professionals in the field study policies and details of medical services, as well as learning about insurance and being able to make firm and definitive decisions. People who cannot make decisions or who cannot learn all of these elements might not be suited for a career like this. The education generally takes 2-4 years to complete, depending on the level of education that is sought. There are more than 6 billion medical claims being filed every year in the nation, which gives plenty of job opportunities to people who pursue education and careers as a medical claims examiner. Courses studied include statistics and analysis, mathematics, insurance policies and laws, healthcare laws and regulations, and Medicare and Medicaid regulations and rules.

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