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Medical Office Management

Your online resource for Medical Office Management Education and Career Information. Medical office management is a career that focuses on administrative tasks and duties within a medical field. These professionals need to have an understanding of business and office operations, as well as financial education and billing and coding training. Insurance education is critical so that patients can be properly billed and compensated for their visits. There is a lot of business and accounting that goes into medical office management, along with a little medical knowledge and some insurance education. The medical office management career path starts with an education in medical office management, which generally beings with an undergraduate or bachelor's degree in medical administration or management. Some employers including larger practices will require an MBA degree or master's in healthcare administration. There are voluntary certifications available, as well, but most employers don't require them. However, they can't hurt. Work hours are generally more than 40 hours a week, and problem solving and conflict resolution skills are a must. Future growth for this career is positive, and will provide opportunity to all graduates who seek careers in medical office management.

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