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Accounting Schools in Michigan

Guide to Michigan Accounting Degree Programs

Getting an accounting degree in Michigan should not be hard to do, based on the sheer amount of institutes available to study in. Some of the most commonly attended ones are Baker College and Cornerstone University. If those and other programs in the state don’t suit you though, you can always choose to get a degree online. You can essentially go to school anywhere you want though if the web-based program is available.

The classes that you take in an accounting degree program will occur in a certain sequence, much like any other degree program. You start off with the core curriculum (math, English, history, etc.). Then you make your way to more specialized classes, like business law, auditing, personal finance, government and nonprofit accounting, etc. You should also get the chance to take on electives and potentially develop a minor. Some institutes may require a foreign language as part of their core curriculum, but you may also take that as a minor to aid your chances of getting a job in the future. Being multi-lingual is always considered a bonus.

Michigan Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

Michigan and the U.S. at large are expected to see a large growth in the accounting field over the coming years. An expanding economy is one contributor to that as more businesses are opening up on a regular basis. Certain sectors of the field, like forensic accounting, are also growing significantly on their own. Overall though, many business owners are now in fear of the restrictions and punishments that legislation has put out regarding financial reporting fraud. If you are looking for a job in the field, you’ll quickly be able to tell who might be in trouble of such fraud and you will have to adjust accordingly.

As for the money, well, that’s what accounting is all about! In all fairness though, big money comes at the cost of big education. Government positions may pay up to $70,000 a year, but to get those you will have to have a master’s degree in accounting. Contract jobs may require the same and pay a close salary of $60,000 on an annual basis. For bachelor’s level jobs, you might be looking at anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000, depending on the circumstances. You should take all of that into considering before you even begin your education.

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