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Business Degrees in Michigan

Guide to Business Schools in Michigan

Getting a business education in Michigan isn’t difficult. Whether you choose one of the well-known institutes for technology and business or a traditional college that has an established business program, you can find the education that you have always wanted. Even online courses can be taken to obtain a business degree in management, administration, or financial services. Of course, if you want to make full use of the opportunities that Michigan has to offer, you’ll want to consider jobs in information and operations management as well as human resources and administration. Technology related jobs and financial careers are the most popular, but there are other business fields to choose from.

Getting an associate’s, bachelor’s, or MBA in business administration, systems analysis, marketing and sales, finance, or operations management can put your career on the right track and allow you to join the more than 213,000 professionals that already work in the financial services industry in Michigan.

Michigan Business Job Outlook and Salary

Michigan has always been known as a manufacturing giant. Therefore, jobs in the manufacturing sector were always the hot commodity. In recent years, however, they have started their own industrial revolution and are leading the way in information technology combined with traditional manufacturing experience to create a new industry for workers. There are more than 350 labs and institutes across the state, which allows Michigan to lead the way in research and development and provide a variety of business careers for people to choose from.

There are a variety of engineering companies in the state, and Michigan is ranked as the 4th state in the nation for high-tech employment opportunities. Agriculture, manufacturing, and science all have room for business professionals, which makes Michigan a good choice for a business career.

Surprisingly, the average income for management occupations in Michigan is well over $81,000 annually, which is not something many people expect to see. However, with the focus on creating a new, high-tech manufacturing economy, it’s no wonder that so many business managers and managerial specialists are needed for these jobs. The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth has high hopes and positive forecasts for job futures within the business industry, giving business students the opportunity that they need after getting their business degree. With a stable business economy currently and positive projections for the future of Michigan business, this is definitely a career worth checking into for those interested in business of any kind.

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