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Cosmetology Schools in Michigan

Guide to Michigan Cosmetology Programs

There are a variety of schools in Michigan that can help you to get an education in cosmetology.

The field of cosmetology is vast, and the different courses that you may take within it are all linked to specific focuses. Nail care has a totally different kind of training than massage therapy, so you have to take classes accordingly. In any event, you may have to go through one to two years of training, with some programs as short as nine months. Choosing a focus can lead you to choosing the courses that fit your needs. 

Michigan Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great outlook in store for the cosmetology field. Much of that is based on the growth of the beauty industry as a whole and the continuing interest in people wanting to look their best. With an appropriate education, you should have no issues in finding a position at an entry level, although higher-end jobs may come with steep competition. Seeking good training early on can greatly aid your abilities to secure such jobs.

The hourly rate that you may earn as a cosmetologist can vary based on the kinds of tips you make. The tips typically change based on the amount of customers you can serve in a given time period and the amount of money they choose to tip you. Developing a solid client base can be a strong key for your success.

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