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Trade & Vocational Schools in Michigan

Guide to Michigan Trade and Vocational Programs

More and more students are opting to enter into a vocational or trade school rather than going to a traditional four year university. One of the major factors for this decision is that the cost of a trade school is much less than that of a four year college. There are many community colleges and trade schools within Michigan that can offer wide variety of career fields to pursue. Some of the more well known schools include ITT Technical Institute, Baker College, and the International Academy of Design and Technology. For students who require a greater degree of flexibility in their class schedule, you can choose to attend an online program, such as Kaplan University.

If you do choose to attend a trade or vocational school, you will be required to choose a field of study. You should make certain to choose a career field that you will enjoy working in. Your chosen course of study will determine the type of coursework you will be required to take during your academic stint with the school. Most of the coursework in a trade or vocational school is designed to teach a student hands on experience in their career field. However, you may be required to take basic courses in business, math, or English. Popular career choices include cosmetology, welding, graphic arts, and electrician.

Michigan Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

Most vocational school programs are designed to last between one to three years. Depending upon your field of study, you may be required to undergo an apprenticeship before you are allowed to work independently in your field. Most blue collar career fields are projected to see substantial growth in the future. Blue collar jobs are the driving work force in American society, and their services are almost always needed in some capacity or another. Graduating from a trade or vocational school can be a smart move in your future career.

When it comes to discussing the salary range for a blue collar career field, there are several factors to keep in mind. The first factor is what your chosen career field is in. A student who has graduated with their degree in culinary arts can expect to make roughly $35,000 a year starting off. However, there are many sub branches in the culinary world that one can choose to specialize in. As you gain experience and seniority in your chosen specialization, you can expect to see your earnings increase substantially.

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