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Accounting Schools in Minnesota

Guide to Minnesota Accounting Degree Programs

Minnesota offers a ton of different degree programs if you are looking to study accounting. This state has a number of institutes that you can go to, and then there is always the option of obtaining an online degree. Tackling that latter option first, you might attend American InterContinental University for a web based education. If the traditional options suit your lifestyle and learning needs better, you may look into National American University, Minnesota School of Business, Rasmussen College, Argosy University, or Cardinal Stritch University, among others. You should have no issues finding a degree program that works for you.

Once you enroll in the degree program of your choice, you will get to start taking the classes that apply to your field. Some of those courses may include business law, managerial accounting, auditing, cost accounting, and many others. Before you encounter those though, you will probably need to go through something that shows you the basis. That will consist of core curriculum, like math and English, and introductory courses for the field. During your time in school, you will also be given the opportunity to form a minor if you so desire.

Minnesota Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great outlook in store for this job sector. Over the past few years, laws have been passed to ensure better regulation of financial reporting. The results are clear. The demand for accountants has significantly risen as more businesses find the need for quality employee to help them in case they get audited in the future. Investing in a single accountant on their team is a small price to pay for the added security. That has also been fueled by a growing economy, and all of it comes together to provide great job opportunities for you.

Of course, you want to get a job to make money. How much can you make as an accountant? Well, that all depends on what you are looking to do exactly. If you think you may have the skills and drive needed to work for the government, you might take home a nice salary close to $70,000 a year. If that is not the case, you still could earn $60,000 in contract work, or even $50,000 everywhere else. As long as you stay focused and continue to move up the chain of command in your place of employment, you should reap great financial rewards.

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