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Cosmetology Schools in Minnesota

Guide to Minnesota Cosmetology Programs

Minnesota is a thriving state that has a lot of opportunities for people to study cosmetology. To go through a cosmetology program in the state, you can choose to go to Empire Beauty Schools, Regency Beauty Institute, the Minnesota School of Business, or Allure School of Cosmetology. There are multiple locations for each of those institutes, so you should be able to find one in your area. If the Minnesota School of Business is your desired educational institute, you could also look into their online program so that you wouldn’t even have to leave your house. Other options are available at Globe University and Lincoln College of Technology.

After you have selected either a school in Minnesota to attend or an online degree program to participate in, the next step will be selecting an area of focus to base your studies around. Nail care, hair care, skin care, massage therapy, makeup – they all come with a different set of skills that you must develop. You should be able get into a program that is specific to your desired career. After a year of training, you can be certified by the state to go to work. Then you will receive additional training at your place of employment.

Minnesota Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for cosmetology is great, even in Minnesota. No matter where you go in the country, there is likely going to be a demand for people in the beauty industry. That is where the mindset of the nation has gone, and that is likely where it will stay. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts growth until at least 2016, but a growing population should fuel that demand for quite some time. Although upscale salons will have a lot of people competing for position, the entry level positions should be wide open. Getting a job will not be a big deal.

You can see an array of salaries within the field of cosmetology. The tips that you earn will be a big part of what you make, so you have to get a good client base going at all times. You obviously need the right pool of people to pull from, so try to get a job in a well established salon. The more people you charm, the more money you can make. IT is as simple as that.

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