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Human Resources Degrees in Minnesota

Minnesota businesses depend on human resources professionals to discover, recruit and train prospective employees. Schools offering human resources degrees in Minnesota provide students and professionals the necessary training and education required to qualify for HR roles in companies, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Online HR classes in Minnesota can lead to associate's, bachelor's or master's degrees, preparing you to help your organization reach its ultimate potential. Associate's degrees from HR classes in Minnesota can qualify you for entry-level HR assistant positions. Completing a bachelor's degree through human resources schools in Minnesota can help you land a job in personnel recruitment, benefits and compensation, labor relations, skills development and personnel evaluations. For those already working in the field, a master's degree or MBA from colleges offering online HR courses in Minnesota can help launch your management career. The State of Minnesota projects that jobs for human resources managers will grow by 7.9 percent by 2019. Positions in human resources, training and labor relations are projected to increase by 15.9 percent between 2008 and 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2,370 human resources managers held jobs in the state in 2009, with a mean annual income of $111,440. In the same year, 6,420 human resources, training and labor relations specialists were employed in Minnesota, earning a mean annual income of $62,280.

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