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Trade & Vocational Schools in Minnesota

Guide to Minnesota Trade and Vocational Programs

Going through a trade or vocational school nowadays is a common ideal. With the economy being as it is, students are finding it much harder to cover the costs of standard college tuition. Thus they rely on getting a quick and affordable education through some of the trade schools that the state of Minnesota has to offer. There are several to choose from, including programs offered at TechSkills, Brown College, and the Minnesota School of Business. For some students though, the schedule of a physical program simply does not work for them. If you need a bit more flexibility in that regard, perhaps you should look into an online school, such as American Sentinel University, or Baker College Online.

When looking into attending a trade or vocational school, you will have to choose what kind of program you want to enter specifically. This will be largely based on the career you wish to go into once you complete the program. Some popular programs include plumbing, masonry, cosmetology, computer information, graphic arts, and many other design and technical programs. The courses within a trade school are going to focus directly on the career in mind, with very little study of the “basics” in play.

Minnesota Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

Most vocational and trade school programs last between one and three years. Upon completion of the coursework, students can become certified to work directly in the field. Some programs require additional apprenticeship beyond the vocational education. After that is complete, most careers show a large potential for available position in the coming future. The fact is that blue collar workers, those that trade schools train, are always in high demand. These positions are needed to maintain basic functions of the country, and thus there is always a positive outlook for people who have graduated from a trade school.

In terms of salary, there is a large range covered by graduates of trade school programs. This is just because there is such a range of careers that spawn from vocational studies. A plumber, for instance, may earn $40,000 a year, while a licensed vocational nurse may earn $49,000 a year. People who become self employed have virtually no limit to the amount of money they can earn, so really it depends on what you choose to go into once you complete your training program. Advancement is available, but that typically requires a significant time on the job or some sort of higher education, such as a bachelor’s degree.

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