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Cosmetology Schools in Mississippi

Guide to Mississippi Cosmetology Programs

Mississippi is not exactly the home of cosmetology schools, but that does not mean that you cannot get a valid education there. Blue Cliff College offers the only physical school to attend in the state, and there you can receive a diploma for cosmetology. If you want to get an associate’s degree instead, you could go through the web based program offered at Globe University. That program can be done entirely on the computer, so you never even have to leave the house to get an education. The Minnesota School of Business and Lincoln College of Technology are both schools that you can go to online as well. Look into your internet degree choices if a traditional program is not a feasible option for you.

The education for a cosmetology program covers a wide range of fields, so chances are you will narrow your training down to one or two areas of focus. Such areas may include nail care, skin care, makeup, massage therapy and much more. Take a look at your options and see which program will make for the most appealing career. You will train for nine months up to two years, depending on how in depth you want to be. An associate’s degree will be the highest form of education you can receive, unless you want to branch off into something like fashion.

Mississippi Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for Mississippi cosmetologists falls in line with reports for the nation as a whole. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that the growth for this sector of jobs is going o be higher than that of jobs in the nation overall. That should hold true until 2016 when another statement will be released. A growing population of people and an expanding interest in beauty have both led to this increase in demand for cosmetologist. This makes it easier for you to find a good job.

The earnings that you may see as a cosmetologist or as someone within this general field should be around $10.25 an hour. That is after tips and commission, and both have an impact on what you make. It would not be a surprise if you earned double that though, given that you found employment at an upper end salon and had a good client base built up. These upscale companies will be full of competition though, so you will need to stand out amidst the sea of applicants.

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