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Trade & Vocational Schools in Mississippi

Guide to Mississippi Trade and Vocational Programs

Are you looking for training from a trade or vocational school? If so, the state of Mississippi provides education through Antonelli College. This institute has two locations, one in Jackson and one in Hattiesburg. For some people, these locations are not viable options, in which case a program online might be a better fit. The internet is becoming a more popular source of education as a whole just because of an increasing dependency on computers. Students can obtain all of their training right through their web connection, thereby revolutionizing the way that people learn. For an online program, you could opt to attend Baker College Online, or American Sentinel University, among other schools located across the country.

Since trade schools cover a large range of careers, it is hard to pinpoint the coursework needed throughout a program. Each course is specifically designed to train someone in a given career. The classes for someone studying masonry are going to be completely different from those of someone studying cosmetology, as could be expected. Some trade programs still maintain the core curriculum of math, science and history, but others delve straight into career training. Programs normally last between one and three years, and afterwards some students must continue in an apprenticeship program at their new work place.

Mississippi Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

Once all of the necessary education has been obtained, you will likely go out in search of a job. Most of the positions that are derived from a trade or vocational education are in constant demand because people flood in and out of them. Many of these are entry level opportunities that people seek out and then move on from. Companies are always in need to fill those spots, and even positions that are fraught with competition are still in constant demand, Whether this is due to a growing population or the state of the economy at the time, the positive job outlook remains imminent.

The salary for a vocational position is of course going to vary based on where you live and what you do. States like Mississippi do not hold the highest standard of living in the country and thus do not pay as well. With that said, costs are less all around, so most of it balances out. For a quick comparison, the average cosmetologist is said to make $26,000 a year, while an electrician might make $44,000 a year. Choose your career wisely so that you end up making what you need to later on.

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