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Art & Design Degrees in Missouri

Guide to Missouri Art and Design Degree Programs

Missouri is a quaint little state to live in, but it is also the home to a number of art and design institutes for prospective students. Choosing to take courses in art and design can lead to a very rewarding and fun career, and the colleges within this state can prepare you quite well to enter the work force in stride. Such universities may include ITT Tech, Vatterott College, Hickey College. Within those schools you can find online or traditional classroom options, and you may also seek a degree at a local community college if it is available.

The courses that you take with a degree in art and design will be determined by the specialized sector of the industry you wish to go into. This may include Photography, Landscape Design, Art History, Printmaking, Art Restoration or Antique Appraisal, among other possible major options. Though the degree may hold one name, there are a number of programs underneath the same title. You will have to take courses like math, English, science and history no matter what you go into. The upper division courses you enroll in beyond that will be focused on the path you choose.

Missouri Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

Missouri holds a positive outlook for art and design jobs within the next few years. Expansion is expected to be maintained until 2016, though it may go well beyond that. If you are looking to get into a position right out of college, you will likely end up as an intern of some sort. Eventually though, you will probably be self employed as more than 62% of art and design majors end up working for themselves. Whether you choose to be is of course up to you.

The amount of money you can earning in this field will vary based on the aforementioned focus in school. Many students pick up a substantial income well above the median $60,000 a year simply because they are very talented in their tasks. However, there are those that end up making a mere $30,000 a year in entry level positions in museums and art houses. What you make will be determined by how you are paid (commission or hourly), where you work, how often you work and how many jobs you uphold. There is a great potential for wealth in this field, but you have to know what you’re doing and be dedicated to it at all times.

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