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Engineering Degrees in Missouri

Guide to Missouri Engineering Schools

Missouri is home to many great engineering technical schools and colleges with engineering programs. There are some really amazing schools in this state, regardless of whether you are looking in St. Louis, Kansas City, or anywhere else in the state. There are also a variety of online education options for people looking for a more convenient, affordable, and flexible education in engineering. What discipline do you want to follow, and which types of careers are you most interested in? You will need to know this so that you can get your degree in your chosen field of study.

Whether you choose online learning or typical college classes, you can guarantee that you will be setting yourself up for success with an education in engineering in Missouri. The ‘Show Me’ state is full of opportunity for people who seek it, and things are constantly growing and changing to provide more chances and better opportunities for people who need them. Keep in mind that the higher you take your education, the better options you will have for future advancement with your career. Some state and private organizations will also offer funds for your education in the form of scholarships and grants, so paying for school doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Missouri Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Missouri engineering jobs look good. For now, and into the future, things should remain steadily growing in some industries and simply remain stable in others. The main situation here is the number of engineers that are currently employed and reaching retirement age, calling for a new generation of engineering professionals to come in and take over. On average, engineers earn about $83,000 in Missouri, depending on their specific field of study. Nuclear engineers and computer hardware engineers have the highest paying jobs, earning well over $100,000 each year.

Other popular niches include chemical engineers, materials engineers, and petroleum engineers. All of these professions make higher than the average wage for engineers in general within the state of Missouri. However, even the low end of the spectrum stops at just above $67,000, which is a successful income for anyone in a state with a low to moderate cost of living like Missouri. As the demand for engineers increases in the future, so will the wages offered to these people for their coveted skills. However, even with the current job prospects and salaries remaining the same, you can still find a great career in engineering once you finish your Missouri engineering education.

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