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HVAC Technician Schools in Missouri

In the summer, Missouri temperatures can spike into the 90s and bring about brutal humidity--winter temperatures can plummet to below freezing. These extreme conditions contribute to Missouri's dependency on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout the seasons. HVAC services depend on qualified installers and repair technicians from HVAC technician schools in Missouri to provide commercial and residential customers with expert care. HVAC technician schools in Missouri offer degrees and certificates that prepare you for the workplace. You can take classes leading to an undergraduate degree or earn certifications in handling equipment and refrigerants. Designed with working adults and busy parents in mind, online HVAC technician programs in Missouri can build your technical skills and knowledge through flexible, self-determined schedules. You can learn about national electrical codes, power supplies, electric motors, chillers and air distribution systems, helping to prepare for rewarding apprenticeship opportunities. The Missouri Department of Economic Development predicts a 10.8 percent increase in HVAC jobs during the 2008-2018 decade. Salaries vary by experience, education, certifications and size of employer. Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers in Missouri earned a mean annual wage of $41,600 in 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. HVAC technician schools in Missouri can empower you and prepare you for success in this challenging field.

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