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Law & Justice Degrees in Missouri

Guide to Missouri Law and Justice Degree Programs

Missouri is really a unique state. It rides the border between the North and South. It also marks a transition from the Midwest to the Plains states. This uniqueness has not affected the quality of higher education options available within the state. There are several state funded schools as well as private colleges. Many of them have an old and rich academic tradition. Newer technical schools and community colleges round out the mixture. Degrees in the field of law and justice can be sought at all academic levels. Many schools can be found in the urban areas, but many are located in rural areas as well.

The state of Missouri has experienced a steady growth over the past few decades. Much of this has been in the larger urban areas like Kansas City and St. Louis. However, some of the smaller cities have grown as well. The urban areas provide economic strength in manufacturing, transportation and printing. The rest of the state is dominated by agriculture and raw materials production. The state has major river transportation along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers which come together near St. Louis. This urban and rural mixture keeps Missouri unique. The south western part of the state is marked by the tourism hub of Branson City and the surrounding Ozark Mountains. How can the Show Me State help light the way to your degree dreams?

Missouri Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

The great state of Missouri can offer qualified candidates a wide variety of options in the field of law and justice. Providing a comprehensive review of each one would be difficult. To provide an example what the state offers, let’s look at how police officers do.  Starting salaries for new officers are usually from $22,000 to $24,000 per year. After a few years of working, an officer can make around $38,000. This runs a good deal less than the national median. This is offset somewhat by the lower cost of living in many parts of the state. As with other states, smaller communities will usually offer lower salaries on average.

The state of Missouri’s demand for law enforcement officers is expected to grow at 6% in the next decade. This is projected by the state’s Department of Economic Development. This is lower than the projected national average of 11%. The state is seeing a population shift from rural areas to more urban areas. This makes the growing urban areas the best places to find employment.

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