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Nursing Schools in Missouri

Guide to Missouri Nursing Degree Programs

There a number of Missouri nursing schools for individuals who are interested in taking up nursing in college. But even if you still have not decided on what course to take in college, becoming a registered nurse is really worth your consideration. For one, there are many hospitals, such as St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin and Missouri Baptist Hospital in St. Louis, that are considered world class in terms of facilities and work environment.

Another reason why you should consider getting your degree in any of the Missouri nursing schools is the fact that the community of nurses in the state is tremendously active, strong and supportive in pushing for improved welfare of its members and elevating the nursing profession into new heights. Students of nursing can depend on Missouri Nursing Students’ Association to aid in the advancement of nursing education and also to provide seminars and programs that will help students become dependable and responsible professional nurses in the future. Meanwhile, the Missouri Nurse Association is a group for registered nurses whose main objective is to make nursing a well-recognized profession in terms of compensation and opportunities for improvement.

Missouri Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Just like in other cities and states in the US, Missouri is also suffering from the lack of nurses. In fact, the nurse vacancy rate in the rural areas is 17%, while in urban areas the rate is at 9.5%. According to the American Health Care Association, by 2020 the nurse shortage nationwide is expected to reach over one million if the problem is not addressed as early as possible. The stagnant number of applicants for nursing degrees in Missouri nursing schools is considered as a major reason for the lack of new registered nurses.

One of the moves implemented by both the state government and private groups in ensuring that there will be a steady supply of graduates from Missouri nursing schools is by providing scholarships and grants, which includes MLN Scholarship, Memorial Scholarships and ERBY Young Scholarships, for deserving students of nursing and nursing associates.

Apart from pushing for better work environment and encouraging senior nurses to consider positions like clinical and classroom instructors, giving nurses higher compensation and better benefits are other ways to encourage more registered nurses to stay in their jobs. In fact, the average base salary of RN staff nurse in Missouri is anywhere from $56,287 to $68,327, depending on experience, education, and location.

Additional Nursing Schools in Missouri

Graceland University
Missouri State University - Department of Nursing
Southeast Missouri State University - Department of Nursing
University of Missouri - Sinclair School of Nursing

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