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Psychology Degrees in Missouri

Guide to Missouri Psychology Schools

Missouri is a beautiful place to continue your education, no matter what type of career you might be in the market for. Psychology schools, in particular, are popular here and afford many opportunities to those who seek them. There are a variety of online programs for people who want a quicker, more convenient education in psychology, along with typical college programs that will allow a hands-on learning environment that can’t be matched elsewhere. Whether you reside in St. Louis or Kansas City, or anywhere in between, you can guarantee that the programs in Missouri will provide you with the tools that you need for your psychology degree and career.

Choosing an online program allows students the chance to get their education on their time and their terms, and is often a more affordable solution for people who are returning to school or who can’t afford a typical college education. Missouri psychology programs will help you earn your degree so that you can be on the path to a successful psychology career in no time at all. Your bachelor’s degree will get you started on the right foot, but the true success will come from the completion of a master’s or doctorate program in psychology, since most of the careers in this profession require that level of education.

Missouri Psychology Job Outlook and Salary

Missouri is a state that has a low cost of living, a high quality of life, and substantial pay for the professionals who work here. Psychologists earned an average annual salary of just over $74,000 in 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number, of course, will continue to rise in the future as the economy gets better and the jobs become more highly demanded. Counselors that have a psychology education can earn around $33,000 annually, depending on the type of work that they do. Marriage and schools counselors will earn more, while other counseling professions will be on the low end of the scale.

Social workers with psychology training will average $48,000 annually, with more paid to those who do not work in school, family services, public or medical services, or substance abuse careers. The future growth is obvious, as the entire nation is going through an increasing need for these professionals as the years go on. Make sure that you take the time to consider the job outlook upon graduation, because that’s what matters most. For those starting school now, the career options will be plentiful when it comes time to get into the working world with their degree in hand.

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