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MSN Nursing Degree

Your online resource for MSN Degree and Career Information. An MSN program or Master's of Science in Nursing, is considered an advanced program and adds to the typical 4-year BSN or 2-year RN program. When a master's degree is chosen, there will be plenty of job promotions and wage increases. Many people who choose this particular degree program will end up becoming women's health practitioners or family practitioners, and generally can work without the supervision of a doctor if they so choose. Every state has different licensing requirements for those who hold an MSN degree. Also, these degrees are great for administrative and management positions within the nursing industry, which often pay better and require less hands-on work than other careers in nursing. Anytime a master's degree is sought, the career prospects and income potential increase significantly. The added education will only be 1-2 years longer than a bachelor's degree program would take. Considering the shortage in the nursing industry as a whole, this career can offer job opportunities to anyone who chooses to get their MSN degree.

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