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Your online resource for Multimedia Degree and Career Information. A multimedia design degree can provide many different levels of career success. This degree is very versatile and includes elements like computer animation, multimedia design, creating movies and shorts, and modeling. Students will learn these elements in their training and achieve either an associate's or bachelor's degree in order to find careers. Computer generated animation, or a multimedia degree, can expect projected growth that is above the national average over the next ten years or so. Professionals in multimedia design can find careers in 3-D animation, graphic design, website development, 3-D modeling, and similar careers. Ultimately, any animation career is going to be high-demand in the coming years because studios and freelance design companies will continue to grow substantially into the future. Depending on the education and work experience, professionals with a multimedia degree can expect to earn between $30,000 and $85,000 annually for their skills. With a good outlook, competitive wages, and training programs that are easy to find and complete, a multimedia degree can provide career success to anyone interested in animation and design.

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