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Art & Design Degrees in Nebraska

Guide to Nebraska Art and Design Degrees

If you have a creative side that you wish to explore, then you should seriously consider obtaining a degree in art and design. Nebraska hosts a variety of colleges to select from when it comes to receiving your degree. When you are investigating your educational opportunities, you should look into the International Academy of Design and Technology, Bellevue University, Chadron State College, or a number of community colleges in the state. There are also online degrees and hybrid degrees you can look into if you schedule will not allow you to attend classes every day.

The subject matter that a degree in art and design will cover is widely varied. There are many sub categories of technology and creativity that you can specialize in with such a degree. The choice is up to you depending on your interests and passion in life. If you enter into an art and design program, you will be required to undertake a traditional curriculum in addition to the courses that apply specifically to your major. It is even possible for you to obtain a post baccalaureate degree in most fields of art.

Nebraska Art and Design Outlook and Salary

There are a wide majority of students who, after receiving their degree in art and design, become self employed. This number is approximately 62% of graduates. Many career opportunities can arise from a degree in art and design. However, with the recent downfall of the economy, the job market is unstable. There are several careers that you may want to look into with your degree. These include a Portrait Restorer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Landscape Designer, Illustrator, or Printmaker. There are different genres of art that you can consider using your degree in as well. Opportunities will vary according to your geographic location and your specialization.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that there will be a 16% growth of jobs in the art and technology sector by 2016. Therefore, employment should not be a reason for you to stop you from receiving your degree in art and technology. Your salary will vary with the job that you choose. For example, Art Directors, on average, make about $60,000 a year. You can look forward to your pay increasing as you develop your client base, as an artist. However, sometimes having a job you love can have more benefits that a large paycheck. See what a degree in art and design might have in store for you.

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