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Cosmetology Schools in Nebraska

Guide to Nebraska Cosmetology Programs

If you are thinking about going to a beauty college in the state of Nebraska, Vatterott College is going to be your only option. Located in Omaha, this school offers a diploma in cosmetology and it is recognized at a national level. This might seem like your only option period, but it’s not. There is a whole world of education available right through your computer. Indeed, there are degree programs available online that will allow you to get certified without ever leaving the screen of your computer. Such a program can be found at Minnesota School of Business, Lincoln College of Technology, and Globe University. If any of those sound interesting to you, feel free to contact the school for details on the admissions requirements and tuition costs.

Once you have chosen a degree program to go through, you will have to select some sort of focus for your courses. This may be in nail care, skin care, sales, makeup or the like. Upon selecting your focus, you will endure a year of training and then you will be able to take a test for a state license. That license will be required for you to work in most places, though some only need a high school diploma.

Nebraska Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great growth in store for this career path. The increasing population and the expanding economy make services like those in the field of cosmetology something of demand. There should be no shortage of positions available as more salons are opening up all the time. What you have to be aware of, though, is that the upscale salons that you will likely want to work at will not have many positions available, if any. Most of the people that work there are veterans in their craft, so you will have to fight through the applications in order to work with these cosmetic elitists.

If you were unaware of this, you will earn tips in your job. How much you earn may come down to the place that you work or your talent in general. You could also get commission from the products that you sell within the salon. If you can get commission, you might able to make extra money by just helping customers out. The average hourly rate for people in this field is about $10.25 after tips and commission. There is always room to improve that though if you have good clients to support you.

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