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Engineering Degrees in Nebraska

Guide to Nebraska Engineering Schools

Nebraska has more to offer than cornfields and agriculture jobs. There are many great engineering schools and programs that can be found in the cities of Nebraska that can help you to get the education that you’ve always wanted. If you are too far from the cities with schools, you can even choose distance learning or online colleges for your engineering degree. Getting a college degree is the only way to increase your potential career success and when you want to be an engineer, you can’t do that without a degree of some kind. Whether you are looking for technical schools, online courses, or typical college educations, there is something in Nebraska for everyone.

You can start by getting a technical certification or bachelor’s degree, which will earn you a decent living and provide you with a fair amount of job opportunities. After that, you can pursue your master’s degree and further your education to find better paying jobs and more opportunities for work because your skills are more desirable. The higher your education, the higher your income bracket, in most cases. Nebraska is home to so many great schools and engineering programs that you are sure to find the program that you need and take your education to completely new heights for career success.

Nebraska Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Nebraska has a very low cost of living compared to other states in the country. Their average income is $36,000 per household, with a median hourly wage of only $14. Engineers, however, can average $54,000 annually, which is almost a $20,000 increase in annual salary, just for getting an education. Depending on your specific discipline, you can even earn up to $85,000 or more each year as an engineer. Petroleum engineers and electrical engineers will have the best job prospects, followed by civil and computer hardware engineers, as well as electronics and environmental engineers.

Agricultural engineers are a popular career category in Nebraska, and they can make an average of $63,000 annually for their skills. There are so many different careers to choose from within the engineering industry, and just about every one of them has a place in Nebraska. If you are looking for some wide open spaces where you can get an education, find a successful career, and raise a family without the glow of big cities and the traffic of more heavily populated states, Nebraska is a great option for engineering education and careers for anyone who seeks them.

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