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Guide to Nebraska Nursing Degree Programs

Enrolling in Nebraska nursing schools is good way to start off your career as a nurse. Just like in many other places in the country, a significant part of the population is approaching retirement age and many of them would need healthcare services. But more than the growing demand for medical services, the state also has a number of top notch hospitals that are recognized all over the US, just like Nebraska Medical Center which is one of the best hospitals in the country. It is a leading medical facility for cancer and neurology, including neurosurgery. Another popular hospital is the Lincoln Surgical Hospital, which offers cutting edge surgical operations.

Furthermore, upon graduating from Nebraska nursing schools, newly registered nurses enjoy the support of the Nebraska Nurses Association. This organization provides a collective voice to all nursing professionals in the state. It also works for the development of the profession as a whole by providing resources on job opportunities and continuing education for nurses.

Nebraska Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Indeed, graduates of Nebraska nursing schools will not have any trouble in terms of job opportunities. The problem actually is the shortage of nurses in the state. Just like in other places in the country, Nebraska lacks nursing professionals. As many residents grow older, they would require more health-related services. Without enough nurses to care for patients, the whole healthcare industry in the state could collapse. Many experts see that the continues waves of baby boomers reaching senior age can push the current shortage into a full blown crisis if nothing is done to increase the number of nurses in the state.

By 2020, the state will have a shortage of nurses in the range of around 3,800 vacant positions. To make matters worse, the current population of nurses is also growing older, with an average age of 53 years old. That means that many nurses are also set to retire in the next few years, which will no doubt contribute to the nursing shortage. Hence, in a bid to boost the number of new nurses, there are scholarships being granted to qualified nursing students. It is important that more nurses are trained and educated.

Outside Nebraska nursing schools, newly registered nurses can look forward to a lucrative career. Currently, the average hourly rate for nurses in Nebraska is around $22.10. Typically, the base salary can go for approximately $56,000 annually. Add to that a number of bonuses and perks that are awarded to nurses with ample work experiences.

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