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Art & Design Degrees in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Art and Design Degrees

There is no better manner for an aspiring artist to showcase their creative talents that to pursue a degree in art and design. Nevada offers a variety of universities and colleges a student can choose from for educational opportunities. Such students may choose to study at Sierra Nevada College, the Art Institute of Las Vegas, or the International Academy of Design and Technology. There are also many community colleges that offer noteworthy degrees in art and design. You may also want to investigate the possibility of receiving your degree online. There are no shortages of venues in which to display your talent.

A degree in art and design will encompass a wide variety of subject matter. There are numerous technical and creative specializations that one can choose to major in, according to their passion. You can expect to take a basic core curriculum, such as English, math, and science, just as you would with any other field of study. Your upper division courses will all be devoted to your chosen field of study. After graduation, there may be opportunities to obtain your graduate degree, depending upon your major.

Nevada Art and Design Outlook and Salary

Most students who choose to pursue their degree in art and design will become self employed. It is estimated that approximately 62% of graduates do. According to your technical or creative specialization, your job opportunities will vary. Artistic Directors, Art Restorers, and Art Appraisers are just a few selections in the plethora of careers available to you. Your geographic location will also play a role in the job opportunities that you have. In Nevada, the fine arts market, which includes Photographers, Multimedia Artists, and Graphic Designers, is expected to have a 40% growth by 2012.

The salary of an art and design major, on average, will be around $60,000 a year. This number tends to fluctuate widely because of the numerous variables that affect it. Some years, a career with a steady paycheck, such as that of an Art Director, might make significantly more than that of a struggling artist. Other years, the opposite will be true. Your talent and your location will factor widely into your income opportunities. Over time, you can be expected to develop a larger client base, which will lead to a higher annual earning. This is entirely based on your dedication though. Overall, you can assume that your annual income will vary on an individual basis.

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