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Business Degrees in Nevada

Guide to Business Schools in Nevada

Business schools in Nevada offer a lot of choice for students of all ages and interests. While it might seem like Nevada is mostly about entertainment and tourism, those businesses can’t be operated without business professionals. Additionally, there are many financial businesses that are located in Nevada, both in Las Vegas and beyond. Getting a business degree in Nevada can lead to many great careers. With an associate or bachelor’s degree, you can easily garner a substantial income for an entry level position. However, if you live in Las Vegas or near it, the cost of living is also a little higher than many other states.

This is something to keep in mind. Choosing an educational path and a school to attend involves a lot of research into what your options are, what wages are like, job outlook and salary, and other elements that factor into your decision like the cost of living. There are a variety of local business schools and technical schools to choose from, as well as traditional colleges and online courses that you can use to get your business education. Keep in mind that getting an MBA will garner more successful career options than a lower degree would.

Nevada Business Job Outlook and Salary

In Las Vegas alone, there are more than 100,000 employed in professional and business services, more than 45,000 in financial activities or businesses, and over 10,000 employees in the information industry. WorldDoc, Petroglyph, Datanamics, Switch Communications, Skywire Media, and Aerospace are the major employers that you will find here, although there are others as well. The outlook for Nevada business careers is optimistic. Future growth is going to happen, if nothing else, because of the tourism and industry that is found in Las Vegas. However, there are other areas and business sectors in the state that are projected to grow, as well.

Those seeking careers in finance and business can expect to earn $45,000 to $60,000 depending on the specific career that they choose as well as the level of education that they have, but some careers such as agents and business managers will earn upwards of $90,000 or more. Of course, chief executives and top management will easily earn six figures, with chief executives taking the cake with an average of around $151,000 annually. The Nevada business economy is stable and will continue to improve and grow into the future, creating jobs for many business graduates.

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