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Engineering Degrees in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Engineering Schools

Nevada engineering schools are not as popular as they might be in other states, but they do exist. The state has a moderate cost of living, and is known for being a great place to live and raise a family. You can find a decent variety of colleges and universities as well as technical schools and online programs that you can take to get your engineering education. There are also a variety of disciplines that you can choose to work in when you get an engineering degree, and you’ll have to figure out which ones you like best when getting your education.

Colleges and universities offer many different types of engineering programs for students who want to pursue an engineering degree. You can find all kinds of different programs and you will need to decide whether you want a technical school program, an online degree that is more flexible and convenient, or a typical college education where you can get your bachelor’s or master’s degree for your engineering degree. Your education starts with a bachelor’s degree, but you can take the time to get your master’s degree and guarantee yourself better job opportunities and higher paying salaries for your career future.

Nevada Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Nevada engineering jobs are very popular and critical to the state’s economy. While many people think of tourism hot spots like Lake Tahoe and Vegas, there is a lot more to the state of Nevada and the economy that it depends on. Nuclear engineers will earn the most, bringing in well over $125,000 annually, while the average rate for all engineering fields sits at about $81,000 per year. Civil engineers, electrical engineers, electronics engineers, and environmental engineers make up the rest of the high end of the Nevada engineering market, with everyone else falling below the $81,000 mark. However, the lowest paying position is $65,000 annually, which is still a decent living.

The jobs are continuing to flow into Nevada through the creation of new industry and the expansion of existing companies. There is no shortage of work for engineering professionals and there likely won’t be any time in the future. With a variety of educational options to choose from and a full range of available careers, you can depend on engineering jobs in the state of Nevada if you are looking for a successful career and a successful future. It might not be the engineering hub of the Western U.S., but it does have decent opportunity for those who seek it.

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