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Health Care Degrees in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Healthcare Schools

When you think of Nevada, you probably think first of Las Vegas. However, there is much more to the state than the glitz and glamour of the gambling capital of the United States. This state is also home to many great schools and degree programs for a variety of professions, including the healthcare industry. If you are pursuing a healthcare education you will have many different programs to choose from. Whether you choose one of the handful of traditional colleges and technical schools or you choose an online course for your healthcare degree, you can find it all in Nevada.

Online courses will allow you to fast track your education and have a more flexible means of learning the things that you need to know. Of course, if you prefer a traditional college education or vocational program, you can attend one of those, as well. It’s all about finding what you want and getting it from the school that best suits your needs. Your certificate or associate’s degree can give way to great technical careers in the healthcare industry while bachelor’s and master’s degree programs will provide you with higher education and the skills that you need for the highest level of jobs in healthcare.

Nevada Healthcare Job Outlook and Salary

Nevada’s main industries are tourism and mining. However, there are also many other industries that offer job security and a chance for future growth, including the healthcare field. Nevada offers a high quality of life for those who move to the state, including families and couples alike. Therefore, it has become quite popular in recent years and created the need for more healthcare professionals to care for the growing population. You can count on job growth into the future, along with compensation that is well worth your investment in an education.

In general, the field of healthcare practitioner and technical occupations averages about $76,000 annually. Of course, this is a very broad category and includes just about every healthcare profession that there is, so you will need to consider your specific field of choice and what it can earn you. Therapists and other similar positions will earn $30,000 to $70,000 annually, while optometrists and dentists will easily earn over $100,000 for their skills. The highest paid are orthodontists, surgeons, and obstetricians, who easily rake in more than $200,000 annually. Depending on the healthcare career that you want, you can count on Nevada to provide you with the opportunity and education that you need to achieve your career goals.

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