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Law & Justice Degrees in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Law and Justice Degree Programs

Nevada brings to mind sin and vice. But the state offers much more than that. Pursuing a degree in law and justice will open up areas of the state that are not known to many. The state provides a wide diversity of people and places. The largest cities are Las Vegas to the south and Reno on the western border with California. Both towns are known as being casino centers. There are growing suburban areas attached to both towns. The rest of the state is mainly rural areas with sparse populations. Much of the state is owned and/or controlled by the federal government. Tourism and casino outputs dominate the economy, but agriculture is also strong.

Getting your law and justice degree in Nevada will take you to the two urban areas of the state. Most opportunities for education are concentrated in Reno and Las Vegas. You can get degrees at all levels however. The state’s growing population offers a significant increase in job opportunities. Most jobs though will also be around the urban areas. Nevada may be just what you are looking for. The state offers big city living just minutes from rural outdoor activities. If you do not like casinos, there are so many other options that you will forget the glitz and neon.

Nevada Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Law and justice is a field with many opportunities. But it is difficult to describe all of the options fully. A good option is to concentrate on one common option, being a police officer. This state presents a unique blend for law enforcement. The rapid growth around Las Vegas and Reno has brought escalating urban crime. But the rest of the state is very sparsely populated. An officer can find themselves either patrolling hundreds of square miles or concentrating on a few city blocks. Federal control of land also offers federal job opportunities as well.

Nevada’s need for law officers is expected to be nearly four times that of the national average. According to the Nevada Department of Employment, the need will grow by 40% in 2016. This huge escalation means many opportunities becoming available over the next few years. Starting salaries range from $42,000 to $45,000 per annum. With a few years experience, an officer can expect to make around $60,000. This is slightly higher than the national average. But rural and small towns will not pay at this level.  Most opportunities will be concentrated in Reno and Las Vegas.

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