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Nursing Schools in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Nursing Degree Programs

Are you planning to pursue a nursing career? Nevada nursing schools are a good place to train and study for this professional goal. Aside from the local population, the state is also host to millions of tourists who visit the world famous city of Las Vegas. With that in mind, there will always be people in Nevada who will need medical and nursing care. Also, the state counts a number of top notch hospitals that are renowned all over the country. A good example is the University Medical Center, which has been accorded the Gold Awards for Cardiac Care. It is one of the best hospitals in the US in the area of cardiovascular healthcare services. Another top rank hospital in the state is the St. Rose Dominican Hospitals-Sienna Campus.

In addition to the top notch education and training provided by Nevada nursing schools, there are professional organizations that actively promote the welfare of nurses not just in the workplace, but also in areas of state legislation. The Nevada Nursing Association has, for over 80 years now, represented and provided the collective voice of nurses in the state. There is also the Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders which supports mentoring, collaboration and continuing professional education in developing future nurse leaders.

Nevada Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Nevada’s healthcare system is at risk. Just like in other places in the US, the state is grappling with a shortage in nurses. Nevada nursing schools are not producing enough graduates to boost the already dwindling nurse population in the state. As a matter of fact, Nevada is among the lowest ranking states in terms of nurse-to-population ratio. In 2001, there were only 520 nurses for 100,000 residents.

To help drive up the number of enrollees in Nevada nursing schools, the Nevada Health Care Access Program awards scholarships to deserving nursing students. This program is aimed at increasing nurses in areas that are medically underserved. In return, graduates of this program are required to work in designated Nevada medical facilities for at least two years.

Indeed, nurses in the state can enjoy big opportunities. The huge demand for nurses in Nevada make it possible for healthcare providers to offer very competitive salary packages to registered nurses, regardless of specialization or practice. After passing the required board examinations, a registered nurse can expect a median hourly rate of about $28.67 or an annual base salary of around $65,800. Added bonuses and benefits are also accorded to nurses with ample work experience.

Additional Nursing Schools in Nevada

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas: School of Nursing
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