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Psychology Degrees in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Psychology Schools

There are many different Nevada psychology schools and degree programs to consider when you are looking for the education that you want. You can find many four-year institutions along with a variety of online programs and vocational schools within the state. There are dozens of different programs and universities to choose from, depending both on where you live and what type of education you’re seeking. Nevada is an excellent state to live in and work in, and there is much more to the state than just the lights of Las Vegas. The cities and rural areas provide great family living and job opportunities for recent graduates with psychology degrees.

Your bachelor’s degree in psychology or associate’s degree can give you access to many technical fields and social work positions while a doctorate or master’s education will give you access to careers as a psychologist or clinician that can garner much higher wages. With online courses, you have flexibility and the freedom to take courses when and where you want, while traditional colleges offer a comprehensive learning environment that suits the needs of all students. When searching for a school, get involved in the psychology community to find scholarships and grants that are available to current and prospective students.

Nevada Psychology Job Outlook and Salary

Getting a psychology degree in Nevada can lead to many different job opportunities. From social work to mental health counseling, there are many fields of employment that are steadily growing within the state to provide jobs for people now and into the future. The average wage for social services occupations in Nevada is around $45,000 annually, while psychologists and psychiatrists will earn an average wage of $105,000 and $198,000 respectively. Depending on the level of education and training, the wages that you earn could be higher or lower than the state average.

Projected growth for the Nevada psychology and social services industries is positive. As more professionals near the age of retirement, new professionals are needed to take their place. Education opportunities abound for this particular profession, providing anyone with the tools that they need to get the degree that they need to go into the field of psychology within the state of Nevada. Wages are higher than the national average, as well, ensuring that professionals will make a substantially better living in Nevada than they might elsewhere in the country. All in all, Nevada psychology schools and careers are definitely worth checking into when you’re looking for your dream career.

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