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Trade & Vocational Schools in Nevada

Guide to Nevada Trade and Vocational Programs

Nevada is home to a lot of different trade and vocational schools that students can choose to attend. These schools exist in both an online setting and in the traditional classroom form. Students can look to attend schools like the International Academy of Design and Technology, ITT Tech, Las Vegas College, The Art Institutes, TechSkills, the Career College of Northern Nevada, and many others. For online programs, students may go to a place like American Sentinel University or Baker College Online. This gives people the opportunity to train outside of the classroom so that they may work around busy schedules or a difficult commute. In the modern era, this convenience has shown to be immensely appreciated.

Whenever you decide to attend a vocational school, you have to pick a focus that will eventually determine the career you go into. The courses that you take will be integrated together so that you develop all the skills needed for your chosen job. Some popular programs you might look into include masonry, photography, graphic arts, electrical work, hospitality, and culinary arts. There are countless others though, so see what your school has to offer. Most programs last anywhere from nine months to three years, depending on the type of skills involved.

Nevada Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook for people who graduate from a vocational or trade school. As the population continues to expand, there is a rise in availability for all jobs, vocational included. Some jobs may be in higher demand than others, but the outlook remains positive regardless. The jobs that you seek out should not be fettered with much competition unless they are positions for advancement. Most of the time, securing a college degree will give you a better chance at securing those upper level jobs.

There is a large range in the salaries for vocational and trade school graduates. This is logical because the schools cover such a large array of careers. A licensed vocational nurse may earn $49,000 a year. Some people who work in culinary arts only make $35,000 on an annual basis. It just depends on the situation. A pretty standard average is $40,000 a year for students when they get out of school, but again, that depends on a variety of factors. Many people opt for self employment, and if you choose to do so, there is really no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

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