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Art & Design Degrees in New Hampshire

Guide to New Hampshire Art and Design Degrees

Do you have a creative side? Many people wish that they do. If you happen to possess one, you may be interested in pursuing your degree in art and design. New Hampshire possesses quite the collection of colleges and universities when it comes to educational opportunities for art majors. If you are interested in obtaining your degree, you may think about applying to Dartmouth College, Rivier College, or Saint Anselm College. There are also a considerable number of community colleges and online programs that you can take advantage of in New Hampshire. You can opt for a traditional classroom setting, or you can delve into internet based coursework. There are plenty of opportunities for you to showcase your talents in this state.

The fields that you can specialize in with a degree in art and design are many and varied. You can decide to major in either a technical or a creative capacity. It is mostly dependent on what your passion is. You will be required to take a basic core curriculum (i.e. math, history, etc.) when you enroll in school, in addition to the classes that are specific to your major. After you have received your bachelor’s degree, there are many schools that will offer you the chance to obtain your graduate degree in your chosen field.

New Hampshire Art and Design Outlook and Salary

After you have obtained your art and design degree, your opportunities in the work force will be widely diversified. In addition to your natural talent, there will be chances for you to hone your skills in other areas of art depending upon your job. Many graduates wind up in self employment – almost 62% according to research data. In New Hampshire, the job market is growing rapidly. For the field of Fashion Design, there is expected to be a 44.1% growth in jobs by 2012. Graphic Designers are expected to see a growth of 26%.

If you graduate with a degree in art and design, your salary will be hard to calculate. Most self employed artists make between $59,000 and $62,000 a year. These numbers are open to interpretation because there are a lot of variables involved in calculating them. If you decide to work as an artist, your income will grow substantially as you build your client base. There are other jobs, such as that of an Art Historian, which will allow you to receive a regular paycheck if that is your preference.

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