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Teaching & Education Degrees in New Hampshire

New Hampshire thrives on technology. According to data from the New Hampshire Business Resource Center, the state has one of the best network infrastructures on the East Coast, which supports innovations in biotechnology, telecommunications, robotics and high-tech manufacturing. New Hampshire's Department of Education also relies on technology to support its innovative K-12 online learning options. If you're passionate about using technology to make a difference in students' lives, pursuing a teaching degree in New Hampshire could be your key to the skills needed to launch a career. Teaching degrees in New Hampshire are offered by many of the state's more than 20 colleges and universities. Online teaching degrees in New Hampshire create even more options by providing an alternative to the on-campus learning experience, but any teaching degree program you choose will likely include classes about teaching practices, philosophies of education and hands-on classroom experience. Those completing teaching programs in New Hampshire are learning skills necessary to launch a satisfying career in education in this technology-driven state. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that workers in education, training and library occupations earned mean annual wages of $45,510 in May 2009, with many postsecondary teachers earning more than $80,000. Not only can New Hampshire teaching degrees open the doors to a satisfying career, they could also lead to a variety of job selections.

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