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Accounting Schools in New Jersey

Guide to New Jersey Accounting Degree Programs

To get a degree in accounting in New Jersey, you can choose to either go to school online or go through classes in a normal setting. If the online option works well for you, you might want to look into American InterContinental University. Any of those will have programs to adequately prepare you for work right out of college. Some people learn better if they work on a hands-on basis, so the internet degree may not necessarily be the best solution for you. If you wish to attend a traditional school, you could look into Harris School of Business, Dover Business College, Lincoln Tech, or Berkeley University, among others scattered throughout the state.

To earn your degree, you will have to complete certain coursework requirements as outlined by your university. You have some flexibility in what you take because there are opportunities for electives, but for the most part, you will follow a predetermined path. Courses like managerial accounting, federal taxation, personal finance, business law and the principles of economics may all be part of your schedule, but they are great aids in training you for actual work in the field.

New Jersey Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

After all of your courses have been completed, you will have a degree in hand that makes you ready for a job. Luckily, you have chosen to go into a field that has been expanding over the years, so you should see a great opportunity for employment. There were laws passed in recent years that have made financial fraud punishments a bit more stringent. Thus businesses are looking for well trained accountants to ensure that they don’t get caught in a bind. That demand is coupled with a growing economy, and all of that together makes for one great job outlook for accounting.

Your earnings in the field will come from a bunch of different factors. The main one will be your place of employment. A nonprofit organization may pay $40,000 a year because that is all they can afford. The government, however, may allot for a $70,000 yearly salary, so you might look for a job there if possible. To do that, you should strongly consider getting a master’s degree in accounting because employers are looking for that more and more nowadays. For most jobs though, a bachelor’s degree will suffice. You just might not make as much with one.

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