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Art & Design Degrees in New Jersey

Guide to New Jersey Art and Design Degrees

There is no better manner for a student to demonstrate their creative talents than by achieving a degree in art and design. New Jersey has an array of colleges and universities to select from when you are looking at art programs. You are guaranteed to find a school that will meet your educational needs according to your chosen field of study. Several of the schools you may wish to investigate include the Guild of Creative Art, Monmouth University, and the International Academy or Art and Technology. You can also research online degrees, as well as the programs that are offered at community colleges throughout the state. Some place has a venue where your design potential can be utilized.

The content of the courses you will be required to take will vary according to your major. Anyone who pursues a degree in art and design will be required to take basic courses (i.e. English, science, history and math) that would be required for non art majors. A person who is pursuing a degree in Fashion Design will have a different course load than someone who is studying to become an Art Historian. Depending upon your major, it may be possible for you to pursue a master’s degree in your chosen profession.

New Jersey Art and Design Outlook and Salary

Approximately 62% of students who receive their degree in art and design end up in becoming self employed. According to what your field of specialization is in, your job opportunities will fluctuate. Printmakers, Multimedia Artists, and Art Restorers work among the more popular fields of study. There is a substantial projected growth for art and design in New Jersey in the coming years. For example, Photographers are expected to have a 53.4% increase in available jobs by 2012. The fields of Interior and Graphic Design are following close behind. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects there to be a 16% job growth in the nation by 2016.

If you obtain a degree in art and design, your salary expectations are hard to pinpoint. Most self employed artists, on average, make around $60,000 a year. However, there are many variables that affect this average. If you choose to work as a self-employed artist, you will find that your income will increase as you build your client base. There are also jobs, such as an Art Director, that will allow you to maintain a steady income if that is your preference.

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