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Business Degrees in New Jersey

Guide to Business Schools in New Jersey

Business schools in New Jersey are plentiful, as are the career opportunities that they create. New Jersey is located between New York City and Philadelphia, offering the best of both worlds to people who want a busy day life with a chance to relax to the suburbs after a hard day. Consider Rutgers or Berkeley College for your business education, or any number of online business schools that can be attended. There are also technical programs that you can obtain a business degree from, giving you plenty of options for your career future.

Business schools are available for associate, bachelor, and MBA degrees in business of all kinds. There are so many different disciplines that everyone should be able to find what they need. Keep in mind that there are some financial incentives for business majors if you check with the financial services department of your college or university, so you will want to check these out before you enroll. You can also consider an internship to get the funding for your education if you have few other options.

New Jersey Business Job Outlook and Salary

New Jersey is home to AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squib, and Verizon, who are some of the biggest businesses that people know of. It is also home to pharmaceutical industry giants, telecommunications, publishing and printing, and is a hub for tourism. With its laid back lifestyle and proximity to everything hip and happening, New Jersey is the perfect place to land a business career that you might never find elsewhere. For those who choose, a commute to the city (of your choosing) can afford more options for business careers, as well.

Average salaries for business professionals in New Jersey are very high, and so is the cost of living in this state. Chief executives can clear nearly $200,000 annually, while general and operations managers will average around $150,000 every year. These are top-level positions, but the lower careers aren’t any lower paying. For example, analysts, human resources specialists, and agents of all kinds will make between $60,000 and $70,000 annually, which is far more than many other states offer. There is a lot of room for future growth in New Jersey, and this hot state is definitely one to consider when you are in the market for a new business career. From education to career success, you can find it all in New Jersey.

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