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Cosmetology Schools in New Jersey

Guide to New Jersey Cosmetology Programs

Are you looking to showcase your beauty talents in the state of New Jersey? If so, you should look into some of the education programs that are made available to you. For starters, you might want to contact or research Concorde School of Hair Design, Empire Beauty Schools, Natural Motion, or European Academy. All of these are actually derived from Empire Schools, which is a well known namesake in cosmetic education. Sometimes you cannot go to class though, and if that is your case, you might want to look at some online programs available. The Minnesota School of Business, Globe University, and Lincoln College of Technology are all excellent choices for you to consider, and the programs available there reach as high as an associate’s degree level.

In terms of coursework, all of your training for licensure will occur within a year. That is, of course, unless you get an associate’s degree. Those programs last for two years, but they are often worth the hassle because they look good on a resume. Internship programs are minimal here, and most people hop onto a job after their license is fulfilled. You will get additional training after you are hired on for some line of work.

New Jersey Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

You should not be worried at all when it comes to finding a job in the field of cosmetology. If you go through a couple of different training programs while you are in school, you may be even better off. Like in any job, there will be competition for positions in cosmetology. That competition will be for the higher end salons where there is lots of money to be made. If you can beat out others for those positions, you’ll know what an honor it is. Otherwise, lower paying jobs abound so you can gain experience.

The first year or so of work may not bring forth much money, but that is because you have to first build a base of consistent clients. In doing that, you can ensure that you will be making good tips on a regular basis. Looking at the average for the country, most people in cosmetology make around $10.25 an hour, after you take tips and commission into consideration. The tips are going to be where the bulk of your extra money will come in because it is hard to get commission in most salons. Put your mind to the work and you will be set for great earnings.

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