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Engineering Degrees in New Jersey

Guide to New Jersey Engineering Schools

New Jersey is a great school state. They have one of the best public education systems in the country, with 54% of graduates continuing on to college. There are 31 different colleges and universities that New Jersey is responsible for, along with another 60 or so that are private, technical, or other types of higher education schools. Rutgers is here, as is Princeton, and there are 19 different county colleges in the state of New Jersey as well.

Check into state funded and privately held grants and scholarships for engineering students, which should be readily available by contacting any financial aid office at any school. You can find many of these to choose from. If you don’t find that these suit your needs, or even if you just need a more flexible education, you’ll want to consider online colleges and degrees for engineering instead. They can be convenient in letting you learn when you want, and much more affordable than a college education in a typical New Jersey college. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that it suits your needs and gives you the step up to career success that you need.

New Jersey Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for New Jersey engineering careers is quite good. New Jersey has always been a busy state, and their economy does quite well for itself. While most people think of this state as the place where people live to commute to New York City, it has its own fair share of industries and a booming economy to support. Therefore, finding engineering jobs shouldn’t be difficult. Plus, with a higher cost of living and higher standard of pay, wages will be much higher than they are in other places throughout the United States.

The median hourly wage for all occupations in New Jersey is nearly $50,000, which is well above average. For engineers, the average annual salary weighs in at $92,000 (recorded in 2008 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Petroleum, aerospace, and electronics engineers will earn the most, making well over $100,000 annually. Other professions fall in line behind these, with computer hardware and nuclear engineers being the next top earners. Technology based engineering jobs are going to grow quickly in this state because of the focus on technology in everyday life.

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