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Human Resources Degrees in New Jersey

The successful sectors of the New Jersey economy--healthcare, technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing--rely on human resources professionals to find qualified employees, create effective employee relations teams, build solid benefits plans and continue to train workers in their key specialties. Online HR courses in New Jersey are tailored to fit busy schedules of students looking to enter the human resources field or advance into challenging management roles within their business organizations. Human resources schools in New Jersey offer the full range of degree programs to build your skills for the workplace, from associate's and bachelor's degrees that launch your recruiting or training career to master's degrees and MBA programs that position you for a role in compensation management, training leadership, retention and labor relations. HR classes in New Jersey bring you up to date on labor practices and pertinent state laws. Between 2008 and 2018, the State of New Jersey reports that jobs for human resources managers will grow by 1.2 percent; compensation and benefits managers will grow by 1.1 percent; and human resources, training and labor relations specialists will grow by 13 percent. In 2009, compensation, benefits and job analysis specialists earned a mean annual wage of $66,120, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Human resources, training and labor relations specialists earned a mean 2009 wage of $68,240. Discover how HR schools in New Jersey can prepare you for a satisfying career.

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