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Nursing Schools in New Jersey

Guide to New Jersey Nursing Degree Programs

Do you want to pursue a career in nursing? Well, New Jersey nursing schools are a good place to start. Apart from high quality nursing education, the state itself is home to some of the most recognized medical facilities in the country. For instance, the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is listed as one of the top 50 hospitals in the US, specializing in cardiovascular health and surgery, respiratory diseases, and even cancer. There is also the Hackensack University Medical Center, which is known for geriatric and kidney care. Lastly, there is the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, listed as the second largest rehabilitation hospital in the US.

Apart from high performing New Jersey nursing schools and medical facilities, nurses are also backed by the New Jersey State Nurses Association, which promotes professional development, higher standards for the profession, and the overall improvement of the healthcare industry. There is also the New Jersey Nursing Students Association which helps students prepare for their careers. This organization even offers health and accident insurance coverage to qualified students. The strong community of nurses in the state is important in promoting top notch nursing professionals.

New Jersey Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

The number of quality New Jersey nursing schools is not enough to prevent the shortage of nurses in the state. Just like in other places in the US, New Jersey is having trouble with the lack of nurses. State officials and healthcare providers are aware of the importance of providing top quality medical services, but not having enough nurses in the state can drag down efforts to improve health services. Currently, the 110,000 registered nurses in the state are not enough to meet the demands for quality medical services.

New Jersey needs more nurses, especially since many of its residents are now in retirement age. So, new nurses in the state will definitely find work very easily. As a matter of fact, there are moves to increase nursing instructors in schools to minimize students who are turned back simply because there are too few nursing professionals who work in the academe. Also, there are a number of scholarships and loans that are awarded to deserving students.

After graduating from New Jersey nursing schools, nurses who are newly registered can expect good pay. As nursing services are increasingly being considered as commodities in New Jersey, many healthcare companies are willing to pay more for nurses to stay on in their jobs. The average hourly rate for nurses is around $30.48 and the base salary can be around $71,000.

Additional Nursing Schools in New Jersey

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