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Ultrasound Technician Schools in New Jersey

Guide to New Jersey Ultrasound & Sonographer Degree Programs

New Jersey has several accreditation and degree programs in diagnostic medical sonography in a variety of settings including hospitals, technical institutes, community colleges, and universities. The programs in this field generally take anywhere from one to four years to complete, depending on the degree earned and the amount of specialization.  Students entering this career may also choose to further their credentials and advance their careers by becoming registered in a particular area sonography, such as registered diagnostic vascular sonography.  There are many specialty areas within the field of sonography, including obstetrics and gynecology, neurosonology, echocardiography, or breast tissue examinations.

So, what is the role of the ultrasound technician?  These healthcare workers play a key role in the providing quality care to patients.  Sonographers will have a variety of duties other than performing the actual ultrasound procedure.  Some of those duties will include maintaining a full schedule of patients, taking patient histories, explaining procedures to the patients, and communicating test results to the attending physicians.  The sonographer can expect to work in a fast paced environment, but must still be able to maintain a sense of calm within the ultrasound procedure room. The sonographer should have excellent analytical skills and be able to make sound judgments with minimal supervision.

Opportunities for financial aid are more plentiful in this state, and accredited programs will assist prospective students in finding the appropriate channels for grants, scholarships, and low cost loans.  Most schools will help with filling out the necessary paperwork and give guidance to help students work through the financial aid process.

New Jersey Ultrasound & Sonographer Job Outlook and Salary

The employment outlook for ultrasound technicians in New Jersey is positive. The healthcare industry in this state is continuing to hire new employees and the demand for quality sonographers exceeds the number of students graduating with the proper credentials to perform this job. New Jersey has many well respected medical centers that have a high need for skilled ultrasound technicians.  Employment opportunities are wide spread from Cape May in the south, to Trenton in the center, and to Newark in the northern section of the state. Thanks to large population centers within New Jersey and in neighboring states, employment opportunities here are expected to remain on this upward trend for the foreseeable future.

An ultrasound technologist in New Jersey can expect to earn a salary that is higher than those in many other states across the country.  Average annual salaries here range somewhere between $61,000 and $85,000 depending on years of experience, degree achieved, and the employment setting.   Full time sonographers typically receive excellent benefits packages, including vacation, retirement, disability, and healthcare benefits. Sonographers can also expect to have options when it comes to work hours, although the average full-time employee will work around 40 hours per week.  Ultrasound technicians working in hospital settings may be asked to work varied shifts, including days, evenings, and weekends.

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