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Accounting Schools in New Mexico

Guide to New Mexico Accounting Degree Programs

New Mexico is a festive state to live in, and although options are limited, this state does offer students a chance to earn a degree in accounting. To get a degree there, you would look into one of the following: National American University, the University of Phoenix, or the Computer Career Center. Any of them will get you properly ready for a job in the field, and they should all be led by well-trained faculty who are certified in their respective subjects. For a change of pace, you may also look into getting a degree online. You can do this by going to DeVry University, American InterContinental University, or the internet version of the University of Phoenix.

When you go through a degree program in accounting, you will notice that it flows in a similar way to any other degree. First you start with the basics, like math, science, English and history. Those form the core curriculum needed for any degree. During that time, you may also be able to take introductory courses in your actual field, and those will help you determine if this really is the career for you. As long as you like it still, you will go through courses like personal finance, auditing, business law and managerial accounting once you hit the latter part of your studies.

New Mexico Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a sound job outlook in store for the accounting field. There you can see a great growth as more businesses continue to open up on a regular basis. On top of that, existing businesses are now finding out that they need better accounting departments to meet the requirements of legislation. That’s where you can your degree come into play. You can find a lot of jobs waiting for you after graduation, so then it’s just a matter of actually sealing the deal.

Once that deal is in fact sealed, you will start earning money as an accountant. Hourly rates may be anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour when you first start out, and where you fall along that line will be determined by where you work. Most people make around $45,000 a year as accountants, but your earnings could be higher than that. Working for the government will lead to the highest salary, with some people making up to $70,000 a year. Get a good education and find a job early on. You should be set for a rewarding future in accounting.

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