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Art & Design Degrees in New Mexico

Guide to New Mexico Art and Design Degrees

If you are talented in art, then you have a unique opportunity to showcase your talents by obtaining your degree in art and design. New Mexico has a plethora of schools and universities that offer you the chance to develop your skills. Several of the schools in the state are noted for their art programs, such as the Andreeva Portrait Academy, the College of the Southwest, and The Art Institute. These programs can be ideal if your schedule will not allow you to attend classes full time. As a student, there is a large chance that you will find the right program in which to hone your skills.

The coursework that you will have to complete to achieve your degree in art and design will vary according to your chosen field of study. You can expect to be required to take the same core classes, like English and math, which you would study if you were in any other major. The rest of your course work will be dictated by your chosen field of study. Many post baccalaureate programs are available to art and design students. A graduate degree can be useful in allowing you to have an advantage in your specialization.

New Mexico Art and Design Outlook and Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that there will be a 16% growth in jobs by 2016 for those who are pursuing their degree in art and design. This number is 17.9% for New Mexico specifically. This is a promising sign for future graduates. New Mexico has produced many artists of world renown, including Millicent Rogers and Georgia O’Keefe. There are a variety of fields and technical specializations that a student can choose to work in. The opportunities for these jobs will vary according to your specialization and geographic location.

Your salary expectations will depend upon your specializations. Most self employed artists make on average $60,000 a year. This number will fluctuate as you build your client database. Your talent and your location will have an influential hand in determining your income. There are jobs that you can take with a degree in art and design that will allow you to draw a steady income. This statement is especially true for those who work in multimedia art and animation. This field employs over 87,000 workers.

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