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Art & Design Degrees in New York

Guide to New York Art and Design Degrees

There are many educational opportunities available for students who want to obtain their degree in art and design in New York. New York is considered to be the mecca of artists with its numerous museums, Broadway, and the innumerable television shows and movies that are filmed there each year. Among the many schools you will have to choose from are Julliard, New York University, the National Academy School of Fine Arts, and the Stevenson Academy of Fine Arts. There are also the usual plethora of community colleges and online programs that you can also obtain a degree from.

A common course load for a student who is pursuing their degree in art and design will be based upon the chosen field of study. Regardless of your major, you will be required to take a basic core curriculum that will include classes in math, English, etc. Your upper division courses will be geared towards your major. The minor that you select to accompany your major will also add additional work to your course load.

New York Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

Because of New York’s penchant for the fine arts, those who have obtained their degree in art and design will have favorable job prospects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics has predicted that on a national scale the job growth in this sector will increase 16% by 2012. Degrees in art and design are in high demand all over the state. For example, graphic designers are expected to see a growth in jobs of 10.4% by 2012. The positions for those who want to work in fine arts are expected to show an 11.8% increase in available jobs.  New York is the perfect place to come and study artwork and culture.

A degree in art and design can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in New York. A graduate can work as an Independent Artist, an Art Director, a Scenic Painter, an Art Restorer, or any other numerous careers based upon the student’s interest. With the many variables that can affect a person’s career, discerning a specific median is difficult. If you choose to work as a self employed artist, you can count on your income growing as you build your client database. Invariably, your salary will be based up on the career you choose to pursue.

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