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Cosmetology Schools in New York

Guide to New York Cosmetology Programs

As surprising as this may sound, there are not a whole lot of cosmetology programs offered in the state of New York. Empire Beauty Schools provide the only source of a classroom based education, and there are three locations in the state. You could attend school in Queens, New York City and Brooklyn. If, however, neither the school nor the thought of learning in a classroom seems appealing to you, you might look into a program available online. You can learn straight through your computer at a place like the Minnesota School of Business, Lincoln College of Technology or Globe University. These programs provide the same learning as the ones offered in a physical program, but these are offered entirely through your computer.

There are a few different focuses you can look into for your education. In the vast field of cosmetology, you have to sort of know what you want to do after you get out of training. A sound education will best be received if you have a bit of a game plan. Once you know what you want to do, you may spend nine months to two years trying to get your certification. After that, the place you work for will train you with the specifics for their needs.

New York Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

There is a growth in jobs for people in the field of cosmetology. The amount of new businesses opening on a yearly basis is staggering, and all of those places have one thing in common. They need people just like you. Match that up with the growth in the population and you have a bit of a rising demand. The rise may be slight in smaller towns, but nevertheless the demand for cosmetologists is out there. You just have to do what it takes to act on it.

The earnings for the field are extensive because there is no set amount of money to be earned. Starting pay may be minimum wage, but then you have to factor in tips. Some professionals only make a couple of dollars in tips a day and others make $10 or more in tips alone. The better of a salon you work with, the better off you will be. The clients there will have more money to spend and will ultimately be better tippers. Your hourly rate will adjust accordingly. All it takes are some good regulars to bring in $20 an hour or more.

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