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Culinary Arts School in New York

Guide to New York Culinary Arts Degree Programs

New York is home to Broadway, the Yankees, tons of taxis, and best of all, the Culinary Academy. Within the walls of this fine institute, you can take various courses that may lead you to a degree in baking and pastry arts, restaurant management, commercial cooking, hotel and restaurant management and more. There are two locations, one in New York City and one in Syosset. Another institute you may look into would be the French Culinary Institute. Wood Tobe-Coburn School also offers a degree program that you can attend. 

You can take a variety of courses as a culinary arts major. Those will be based on the focus that you choose for yourself. Such a focus may be found in pastry arts, chocolate work, traditional cooking, and any specific country’s cuisine. You may also select a minor to go into, like a foreign language you have always wanted to study. You can look into different electives to take within your major just to get a broader range of knowledge. The core curriculum, like math, science and English, will have to be taken no matter what your focus is.

New York Culinary Arts Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for someone who earns a degree in culinary arts is promising. The fact is that people do not want to cook at home any longer. The kitchen is just another room nowadays. Instead of cooking, people now seek out the convenience of outer dining for their consumption needs. That’s where you might be able to reap the benefits as job opportunities are plentiful. People also make more money nowadays, so they have excess funds to use towards things like eating out. The demand for culinary experts is on the rise because of this.

There are a range of salaries available for someone within this profession. Many people make roughly $40,000 a year when they first get into the business, but numbers soar after that as people get upper-end chef positions and become high dollar restaurant directors. With a culinary arts degree, you might even want to take your expertise to a new level and open up your own restaurant. If there is a need for a particular type of dining space in your area, you might as well take some initiative and give the people what they want. Great profits will await you.

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